These are some of the books, directly or indirectly related to Tai Chi, that I have found interesting and/or useful.

Clicking on the title will take you to the Amazon website where you can get further details and purchase if you think it would be helpful.

Tai Chi: Supreme Ultimate Exercise for Health, Sport and Self-Defense Cheng Man Ching, Robert Smith Tai Chi
Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Advanced T’ai-Chi Form Instructions: With Selected Writings on Meditation, the I ching, Medicine and the Arts Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi
Tai Chi Chuan: Roots and Branches Nigel Sutton Tai Chi
The Wonders of Qigong: A Chinese Exercise for Fitness, Health, and Longevity China Sports Magazine, Beijing Qigong
Searching for the Way Nigel Sutton Tai Chi
Applied Tai Chi Chuan (Martial Arts) Nigel Sutton Tai Chi
Tai Chi Chuan: Volume 1 – Form to Function: Vol 1 Nigel Sutton Tai Chi
Knocking at the Gate of Life: And Other Healing Exercises from China Edward C Chang Qigong
There are No Secrets: Professor Cheng Man-ching and His T’ai Chi Ch’uan Wolfe Lowenthal Tai Chi
Gateway to the Miraculous: Further Explorations of the Tao of Cheng Man Ch’ing Wolfe Lowenthal Tai Chi
Master of the Way. The Life and Teaching of Master Liang He Qing. 1937-2007. Nigel Sutton Tai Chi

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