These are the commonest questions I get asked. c12
In this section I will hopefully answer these to your satisfaction.
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How long does it take to learn?
The honest and usual answer you get is a lifetime! But a more useful answer is that in the first class you will begin to learn some things about Tai Chi and appreciate what it can do for you and after about 6 lessons you will be able to do a short Tai Chi Form, albeit with still a lot of fine tuning to work on.

Can anyone do it?
Tai Chi and Qigong can certainly be done by almost anyone. The most important things for any new student are persistence and patience. If you work at it to the best of your ability and understand that it can take a while then benefits are there for all to enjoy.

Can I just do it for health?
You certainly can and in the West the majority do. Most of my students though do seem to want to understand, if not practice, the martial arts side of Tai Chi as an understanding of the origins of the art help when learning some of the moves.

Can I do it just  as a martial art?
Yes you can and a number of my students prefer to concentrate on this aspect of Tai Chi and have very positive things to say about the success of it.

Can I use it for self defence?
Yes you can but it takes a long time to be able to put into practice what Tai Chi has to teach.

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